Invention Dilemma

Intellectual property development can be expensive, and it is often difficult to justify the initial costs, especially patent protection. Yet, foregoing or delaying patent protection for an invention can be quite detrimental. If protection of your invention is important to the health and longevity of your business (or potential business), then it is necessary to obtain competent legal advice in order to develop an appropriate strategy. Failure to provide immediate protection for patentable inventions could result in the loss of those inventions and the investment made in developing the technology. Accordingly, well reasoned legal counsel is essential to the making of informed decisions by the client are directed to original expressions that have been fixed in a tangible medium of expression.

The Solution

Lev Intellectual Property Consulting addresses each client’s invention needs by analyzing all client issues that must be addressed during the long, complicated process of intellectual property development and protection. Each issue is explored in view of the client’s position and long-term goals. During this process, the client pays only for each step, as needed.

Lev Intellectual Property Consulting is a full service patent and trademark prosecution law firm. If a situation for which expertise outside of our practice area (such as litigation) arises, we can provide the services of a number of highly-skilled, highly-qualified practitioners operating under the same philosophy as do we. This facilitates lower overhead operations, resulting in lower costs to the client. Therefore, the client is provided with particular expertise, only as needed, at modest costs. This will facilitate the use of the client’s scarce resources in the most efficient manner possible.

Aided by its strong presence in the Washington D.C. area and Northeast Ohio, Lev Intellectual Property Consulting has the expertise to help clients develop an appropriate strategy for their invention and their particular intellectual property situations.